Our main goal is to find a way, we can make your dreams come true.

In this issue we are open minded and very flexible with the management of the financing of your training.

We believe that we can offer for everybody an individual package according to your needs and requirements.

The below mentioned table is a starting point.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requests and questions.

Képzés /Training EUR
PPL(A) 7100
NVFR(A) 1000
IR(A) 8000
CPL(A) 2750
ME(A) 2900
ME/IR(A) 2600
ATPL(A/H) 1800
PPL(H) 17 500
Basic IR(H) 4000
NVHR(H) 3000
CPL(H) 12 000
FI(A) 5 000

Az árakkal kapcsolatban pontosabb tájékoztatásért forduljanak hozzánk bizalommal:

+36 1 249 98 03

For further detailes about the total training price, please download our pdf file.