Trainings On Aeroplane

Multi-Crew Co-operation + Jet Orientation



The multi crew co-operation and jet orientation trainings are essential to get a type rating on a multi crew aircraft.
This training makes it possible for you to work as a team member lead by the commander (PIC) and fly in a new, more complex environment.

 The training is on an A320 FNPT II. simulator.

 Multi-Crew Co-operation

  • Leadership/”followership” and authority
  • Personality, attitude and motivation
  • Effective and clear communication during flight
  • Crew co-ordination procedures
  • Use of checklists
  • Mutual supervision, information and support
  • Call-out procedures
  • Operation of aircraft systems
  • Crewmember roles and responsibilities during normal operations
  • Crewmember roles and responsibilities during abnormal operations

Jet Orientation

The primary objective of the Jet Orientation Course is for you to develop the foundational skills you will require to work in a multi-crew environment on the flight-deck of a high-performance jet aircraft.

MCC and JOT is comming soon!