Trainings On Aeroplane

Multi engine class rating MEP-CR(A)



The multi engine class rating (MEP-CR(A)) is a very important step during the courses while you are on your way to get the CPL or ATPL licences.

Meanwhile you will be able to fly on a complex aircraft for example the Piper Seneca PA34-200T, you will gain the experience of the spesific multi engine procedures and operations, such as take off speeds, assimetric flights and one engine out operations which will be indispensable in your future carreer.


  • Valid EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A) licence
  • Medical class II.
  • 70 hours PIC time

Practical training

  • Couple of hours ground training
  • Minimum 7 hours dual flight

After the training 1 hour exam flight.

Aircrafts you can choose

Piper PA32-200T