Trainings On Aeroplane

Multi engine instrument rating MEP-IR(A)



You can start this training after your two engine (MEP-CR(A)) rating. Under this training we will teach you how to fly several approaches and procedures in instrument meteorological conditions with a complex aircraft. You will get familiar with the planning stages of navigation and performance which are an everyday use of an airline pilot. We will practice the imitated emergencies with one engine inoperative, so you will know what to do in case of bad weather situations and worst case scenarios.


  • Valid EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A) licence, SEP-IR and MEP rating
  • Medical class I.
  • Minimum ICAO Level 4

 Practical training

 Training includes 5 hours dual time according to the following:

  • Instrument flying with a twin engine
  • GPS, NDB and VOR Navigation
  • Precision and Non-Precision approaches
  • Preparing to the practical exam

After the training 1 hour exam flight.

Aircrafts you can choose

Piper PA34-200T